Parasitic infection is a primary cause of disease and their transmission is the cause of infestation within communities. Parasites often target vital organs and systems, altering the normal function of the body. Thus, parasites play the role of a transmitter of some of medical sciences most lethal and deadliest diseases.


A cure in full regalia, judges with scales, staffs and swords, executioner like quicksilver before a blood thirsty and ravenous hoard advance leaving only the chosen in shock and aw.



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There is no known Beginning nor creation myth concerning the Nostrum it is just written in the ancient text and believed by the wise that they came with the Universe.

In the mysterious space, in the depths of time, they abide. Until there is such a cry a great calling for change that with such a stench of imbalance and decay of rotting flesh a scream with such agony that change must come there is a kind of existence that guards this balance, hears and smells its need – They are the Nostrum. First a few to herald a change if needed and, if so in the end, a ravenous horde. That start with the flesh and finish with the bone.

a story about the Nostrum

Are six limbed egg laying creatures that seem to appear from nowhere. All that is known is that they come Heavily armed with weapons of peace and war. Not much else is known about them past, their physical description. But what is known is that when they visit your world it would be better to fall dead where you stand then to see a Nostrum in the flesh and worse still to live and not be marked.

Their numbers are unknown but “The Book of Laws” Vol. 2 estimate their numbers at 10,000 and what has been observed and recorded since time immemorial along with being 10K strong are the existence of four distinct castes of Nostrum 

A. The rearrest are referred to as the Council

I have come for the living, not the dead

The Council is the first Nostrum to be seen and they seem to be responsible for overseeing all that follows. What is believed is that they visit the stars, and the planetary systems that beckon and call. They surveille them for the health of the galaxy. Once an imbalance or some such disturbance has gotten their attention by any action or threat. The Council will take curative action from summary execution to dispatching their parasitic armies to judge, execute, and destroy all cancerous entities with a rapacious voracity that challenges description.

B.  Next second only to the council are the Judges

 Those so marked belong to me

Their numbers are greater but also semi-rare. The Judges are second only to The Council in rank. The Judges will screen through the state of mind, body, and spiritual health of the marked, the chosen, to determine the survival of the individual and/or of the collective. If the Judge believes the subject is not healthy enough, they will help to heal the subject, if the subject is unhealable, they will weigh their soul and the future deeds that soul has been chosen to accomplish if found lacking they will be destroyed otherwise they go free reinvested in their reason for being.

C. Then we have the Executioner the most feared by far of all the Nostrum

I extend life to the living and feed on the dead


The Executioners are specialists, they carry with them a book. And woo, to those whose name is written there in. You have been cursed by many and their cries against you with the stench of your deeds is carried on the wind.

You will see the executioner coming, the Nostrum likes to season their meat with fear. The executioner is a skillful hunter. They stalk and play with their food until you are perfectly seasoned. The executioner might play with you for days or even weeks if they have laid eggs inside you. The ancient texts say it takes fifteen days for the babies to hatch and eat their way out.


The “The Book of Laws” Vol. 3 says every morning just after you rise. Close your eyes and listen for a moment to the screams of those whose names are written in the book. This will keep your actions just and your soul righteous.

D. The Automaton

We have been given a way, to feed

The Automaton parasite, moves across the land, air and sea as a horde, is ever ready and waiting to complete a task that has been given to them. When they are let lose, they are rapacious, ravenous, savage to all they come upon. They have but two rules branded deep into their DNA. The marked and the judged are not to be touched.


The universe is ever-changing, all living things, visible and unseen alike exist, change, appear, and disappear in various forms, seeking the most natural balance in the infinite cycle of destruction, reconstruction, enhancement, and immunity.


The atoms of the universe do not annihilate, and more secrets of the NOSTRUM remain to be discovered.


You might think The Nostrum a myth, a legend, or simply a mystery but nothing could be further from the truth. The reality is they are here, among us. The Council is already on the move… yet we are still clueless as to what fate awaits us.


1. When will the collection be released?

The release date is 06.24.2022

2. How can I access the whitelist?

Access to the whitelist is available via the link at the top of the page

3. How will ZqBart grow?

We will grow and spread the cure as the awareness and knowledge of the role parasites play in the tendency and the severity of disease. A portion of sales revenue will go to disease awareness prevention and cure

4. What will be the supply and mint price?

a. Total Supply 10,000
b. mint price is: 25. Matic on the Polygon network

5. How do I mint a Nostrum?

-In order to mint a Nostrum, you'll need to have some Matic in your wallet from the polygon network to cover the mint price (25. Matic)

6. Where is the launch?

-We're going to be launching our project on the Polygon blockchain. We want the members of our community to get the most out of their money and not spend crazy amounts of money paying transaction fees.

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